skip-hire Where to get skip hire in BirminghamThere are a number of commercial projects that generate rubbish and waste. Contractors, builders and developers that handle these projects have to ensure that all the waste is disposed of in an effective and responsible manner. The one way to ensure this is to hire the services of a company that has the experience to handle large-scale waste removal jobs and has built a reputation in the field.  This is where we step in.

We at Castlegate UK Limited are one of the most well-established and sought-after companies in this space and provide reliable, prompt and efficient skip hire in Birmingham. We understand that every worksite is different and that the type and volume of waste generated is different and its why we provide customised solutions you can rely on. You can hire skip bins for a variety of commercial projects ranging from excavation and demolition to construction and remodelling or renovation.

Our experts work closely with you to understand what your specific requirements are and ensure the services you receive meet your needs to the tee. You need look no further than our company for all your skip hire in Birmingham. We offer skip bins of different dimensions and you can decide which ones you want, based on the amount of debris and waste that has to be transported off of your site. The different skip bin sizes you can choose from are:

  • Mini (6yd) Skip Hire
  • Midi (8yd) Skip Hire
  • Maxi (12/14yd) Skip Hire
  • Maxi L (16yd) Skip Hire
  • Roll On Roll Off (RoRo’s, 20-40yd)

Skip Hire in Birmingham

As you can see, we have skip bins to suit every need. The 6, 8 & 10 yard skips are suitable for disposing waste generated from a domestic refurbishing and renovation projects, extensions or conversions. The 12, 14 and 16 yard skips are larger and are best-suited for large scale building and construction projects and are a highly specialised waste disposal solution.

The 20 & 40 yard roll-on & roll-off skips accommodate waste and rubbish from much larger commercial projects and undertakings that are slated to span a longer duration. They are convenient as the rubbish and waste can be simply added to the large skip which can be taken away only once every fortnight; you don’t have to worry about the skip being carted away and emptied each week. Aside from this, you also have the option  to hire grab lorries or tippers and muckaway for all your large scale projects.

We are committed to providing customers with efficient services at very reasonable pricing. Our attention to detail and professionalism ensure you are 100% satisfied with the services we provide. It isn’t surprising that customers across the region prefer to hire our services for all their requirements.

For any additional information about our services, please go to this page, or Castlegate UK Limited at 0121 382 7111. You can also send us your queries through this online form or this email address.