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Getting rid of your unwanted waste is simple and straightforward with Skip Hire at Castlegate – we do all the heavy lifting! But please note there are a number of important rules and regulations, and points of information you need to know before you start your big clear out…

What are skips used for?

This is a serious question to ask!

There are two types of waste – non-hazardous waste and hazardous waste.

Your skip must ONLY be used for the removal of non-hazardous waste including,

most types of:

  • General household items
  • Garden and green waste
  • Commercial building debris

What your skip must NOT be used for

It is illegal to:

  • Use your skip for hazardous waste or mix it with non-hazardous waste. You will require special permits and containers if you need to dispose of hazardous waste.
  • Over-fill your skip. To ensure a skip is safe to transport, it must not be filled above the top of the sides. Over-filled skips will not be taken under any circumstances. If you are unsure about the height, please ask the driver before you start disposing of your waste items.

What are hazardous waste items?

There are a number of items classified as hazardous waste, which are more commonly required to be removed but which must not be put into your skip under any circumstances. Typical hazardous waste items include:

vehicle batteries and tyres, corrosive fluids, fluorescent tubes, electrical waste, such as computers, televisions and monitors, fridges and freezers, and clinical waste.

Removal of Asbestos

If asbestos materials are suspected, you must stop all activity and the local authorities immediately informed. They will arrange for an officially authorised asbestos removal under strict regulated conditions involving specialised equipment and sealable containers. DO NOT handle asbestos or attempt to dispose of in a hire skip.

Where on the ground can the skip be placed?

Private property – a skip can be placed anywhere on your private property provided that it can be accessed when collected. Where possible it should be placed onto the driveway in front of the property. When placed at the entrance to a driveway, a minimum of 9 -10 feet width will usually be required for safe access. You must not move a skip once it has been placed.

Highway / Public land –  you will require a legal permit from your Local Authority if a skip is to be placed anywhere on public land owned and maintained by a Local Authority Highways department. Typical areas requiring a permit include, the road, pavement, verge, or residents parking bay.

Skip permits for placing on the pavement, verge or highway

When ordering a skip, it must be stated that is to be placed on a pavement, footway, grass verge or the highway. An agreed method of protecting the ground surface should be carried out by the skip hirer. Skips should be placed on the carriageway where possible.

It is not the householder’s or a building contractor’s responsibility to obtain a highway permit. Castlegate will apply to the relevant Council for a legal permit required for placing the skip on the pavement, road, verge or highway.

Permit applications are valid for any period between 1 and 4 weeks depending on Council policy. Additional applications will need to be made for longer periods.  Only one skip will be allowed on site at any one time except in exceptional circumstances.

A skip placed on the carriageway will require warning lights and cones to ensure visibility to other road users.

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