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Excavators and JCB Hire

A compact excavators and JCB hire is the ideal solution for any small to medium-sized projects.

When you simply don’t have the room for using large equipment, a mini digger or compact excavator packs a powerful punch in a small space to get even the toughest jobs done.

A JCB or Mini Digger – for all kinds of domestic or commercial tasks

Whether for digging or demolition, a JCB digger, for example, can easily handle all kinds of domestic or commercial tasks that are too large for using hand tools, such as shovels or picks.

A compact excavator or mini digger can be equipped with a range of attachments designed to successfully complete a variety of digging or demolition projects. Among the many small to medium tasks around the home or workplace, for which, a digger hire is the perfect answer, includes:

excavator-hire-jcb-mini-digger-hire-300x199 Excavators and JCB HireDigging:  Holes, Trenches, Irrigation Ditches, Garden Ponds

Demolition: Small Structures, e.g. Lean-Tos, Garden Sheds

Removal: Tree Stumps, Foliage, Debris

Ground Clearance: Flattening Soil, Landscaping

Wheels or Tracks – depending on the ground surface

A mini digger is a versatile machine. Each model is designed to take on different kinds of tasks, according to the working space and type of ground. A mini excavator can be fitted with wheels or tracks depending on the ground surface where it is to be used.

Tracks made of steel or rubber will be needed to negotiate rough terrain like dirt, grass, gravel or rocks. Rubber tracks are used for flat surfaces or areas that are prone to damage while steel is generally reserved for exceptionally rough materials.

All round visibility and safe operation

All operations of a JCB or compact excavator are controlled from within the cab, many of which can turn completely around for all round visibility and safe operation. In most cases, the wheels or tracks will only move forward and backwards, and the right and left side are separately controlled for turning the digger to the side or to move in any direction.

It is important that a JCB or mini digger is only operated by a trained person who understands the proper use of the equipment.

Plant and machinery hire can offer a cost-effective solution to obtaining high quality industrial equipment and, here at Castlegate, we specialise in plant hire for a huge variety of commercial projects. Whether you’re planning on digging out footings or you are undertaking a complete civil engineering project, we supply a wide range of equipment and our comprehensive service ensures all our commercial clients across the UK have their every requirement met.

“Whether you need an excavator, a tipper truck or a portable building for your team to use whilst on-site, our bespoke service can cater to your every need.”

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So whatever you may require an excavator or any other JCB machine for, contact the specialists at Castlegate UK Ltd today and we can give you detailed information on each machine, ensuring you get your every individual requirement met.

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