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Skip Hire

Moving or renovating your house or business? A skip hire solution is the easiest, most convenient and safest method to dispose of most types of non-hazardous waste items in both large or small volume. A skip can be placed anywhere on private property, and on a highway or public land with a Local Authority permit.

Did you know …

  • • 22.8 million tonnes of household waste was generated in 2016, an increase of 44.6 per cent from 2015.
  • • 120.4 million tonnes of waste was generated by construction and demolition projects in 2014 – over 60 per cent of UK total waste.

Never underestimate the amount of space you will need to contain all the various types of waste. Bulky, odd-shaped items take up more overall space. It’s important to ensure that the skip hire you order will be large enough. One large skip will be more cost effective than ordering two small skips.

Similarly, ordering a large skip for a small amount of waste may result in only being half filled.
Skip hire sizes can appear confusing at first because the industry still uses the cubic yard as the volume measure for a skip.
To work out a volume of waste that a skip can contain:

  • • A ‘yard’ is the equivalent to 0.9 metres or 3 feet or 36 inches.
  • • A cubic yard is 1 yard (H) x 1 yard (W) x 1 yard (D)

Therefore, a cubic yard is equivalent to 0.76 metres or 27 cubic feet.
Despite being referred to as a ‘builders skip’, the most common type of skip hire for residential / domestic waste is The Mini (6 yard) or Midi (8 yard), which will easily hold 50 standard black bin bags (Mini) or 60 standard black bin bags (Midi). The larger Maxi 12, 14 and 16 yard skips – holding 80 -100 standard black bin bags – are more frequently used on building / demolition projects for larger-scale waste disposal.

Mini digger hire

The perfect accompaniment to any small to medium-sized waste removal projects is a compact excavator or mini digger hire.  

There are many types of ground work, either around a residential property or commercial site, for which a mini digger hire is a fast and efficient solution.

Apart from digging holes or trenches, typical ground clearance tasks could be for landscaping, removal of tree stumps and foliage, or demolishing small structures.

Whether for digging or demolition, a mini digger can easily handle all kinds of domestic or commercial tasks in a small space that is too large for using hand tools, such as shovels or picks.

A compact excavator or mini digger can be equipped with a range of attachments designed to carry out a variety of digging or demolition projects. It can even be fitted with wheels or tracks depending on the ground surface where it is to be used.

Every type of waste removals and site clearance task is different and requires its own safe solution.

Castlegate are an established professional plant, tool and machinery hire service for every type of project throughout the local Birmingham area, as well as nationwide.

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